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About Plastering

Putting is an advanced answer for tedious and biologically stressing procedure of Sand Cement mortar. Facilitate it saves money on POP punning cost which is for the most part connected on Sand Cement mortar. Mortars have been utilized for a considerable length of time in the development space, attributable to its great and special properties. It gives amazing warm and acoustic properties while giving undulation free line and leveled dividers with prevalent wrap up.

Benefits of Plastering Over Sand Cement Plaster

  • Faster Construction

    Sand Cement plaster requires 28 days of water curing and then the surface is smoothened.

  • Reduced dependency on River Sand

    Plaster comes in ready to use bags. Just add water and you are good to go.

  • Water Curing

    Sand Cement plaster requires water for curing of the tune of 0.6 kg/m2/day.

  • Shrinkage Cracks Elimination

    Shrinkage cracks are a major problem in Sand Cement plaster.

  • Lighter Building construction

    Density of Gypsum plaster (700 kg/m3) is more than 50% less as compared to traditional Sand cement plaster (1860 kg/m3).

  • Reduced Electricity Bills

    Our plasters have low thermal conductivity (0.25 W/m-K) as compared to Sand Cement Plaster (0.72 W/m-K).

Drylining System

Drylining provides an excellent level of finish for buildings. The lining can be used for the internal surfaces of external walls and are equally suited for both new construction and refurbishment. The wall lining enhances the thermal, sound and fire insulation of masonry walls.

Interior Partitions

Partitions are used extensively to efficiently create and divide spaces in offices. These partitions are easy and quick to build, provide excellent acoustic insulation (preventing sound from moving from one room to another), good fire protection and can take all types of finishes.

Performance Drywall

Performance drywalls are used to separate rooms and spaces in homes, hotels, hospitals, multiplexes and industrial complexes. Apart from offering the conventional benefits of fast and easy construction, they also offer high performance.

Wet Area Drywalls

Specialised drywall solutions are available for interior wet area applications (like bathrooms and kitchens), which use special boards like Gyproc Moisture Resistant gypsum board or Gyproc fibre cement board.