Building Science

Flooring & Tiles has been a presence on the international market since 1962 and is part of
the Gruppo Concorde, the largest ceramic group in Europe.

Building Acoustics

Building acoustics is the science and designing of accomplishing a decent solid condition inside a building space. Building acoustics configuration is accomplished by following an "insightful design" where commotion creating regions are isolated from clamor touchy zones. Acoustics configuration ought to likewise guarantee sound protection amongst rooms and sound assimilation of overabundance sound to enhance correspondence and lessen commotion related diversion.

Fire Protection

Fire protection is the utmost priority in designing any type of building.

  • The provisions of means of escape of occupants

  • The ability of a building to resist the effects of fire and to minimize the spread of fire and smoke

  • The provision of means of access to enable firefighters to carryout rescue operations

Indoor Air Quality

It's a myth that contamination is limited to the outside. Truly the inside can regularly be more dirtied than outside. Subsequently, it's important to upgrade the indoor air quality (IAQ).